Travel comfort

A stable lightweight

Almost any car can pull the iCamp and that’s because of its low weight: the iCamp weighs only 538 kg. With a height of 1.21m it is flatter than a car and in combination with the low weight this ensures that the fuel consumption increases only minimally.
The chassis is from Al-ko, a reputable company with a high standard in the field of trailers. Especially in terms of spring comfort. The overrun brake ensures that the iCamp brakes as soon as you drive slower. A smooth ride is guaranteed.

No additional trailer driver license required

The chassis has a 1,000 kilogram of ash which has been ‘back-tested’ to 750 kilograms. You can move the iCamp with a normal driver’s license. It also has a positive effect on both the car tax and your insurance.

No additional exterior mirrors

The iCamp is only 1.75 meters wide and thus as wide or even narrower than any modern car, even small cars. Fits the car, fits the iCamp. You do not need extra-wide outside mirrors. You can easily look over the iCamp with your interior mirror.
The iCamp meets the highest security requirements. The Al-ko additional weight (1,000 kg axle) makes an important contribution to this.
The iCamp has side-lit reflectors on the left and right sides to make sure you can see if the iCamp is moving left or right when reversing.

A cool drink during the trip

If you take a break on your journey, you can use the kitchen without building up the iCamp. Without opening the roof, you can immediately start preparing a meal on the 4-burner gas range. For this, the kitchen is simply pulled out. The table and chairs are quickly retrieved from the extra wide hatch on the outside.
Would you like just a chilled drink? This also works without the roof having to be raised.
If you do want to build up the iCamp during the break, no problem. In just 28 seconds and with the remote control you have done it quickly. By the way, there is an ambient light under the pull-out kitchen. This provides for cozy light in the dark.


In France you can drive with the iCamp for example 130 km/h. It drives pleasantly even so, since you do not notice that you pull a trailer. The roadholding of the iCamp is very stable. An anti-slip coupling is not necessary. If you want to drive 100 km/h in Germany, we provide a permission for ‘Tempo 100 admission’ (surcharge).

All specifications about sizes, weights and materials

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