Techn. properties

Dimensions, weights and materials of the iCamp


Total length 5.48m
Length without drawbar 4.34m
Length of drawbar 1.14m
Interior length 3.70m


Maximum width 1.75m
Wide interior 1.62m


Maximum standing height 2.02m
Total height, roof open 2.44m
Total height, roof closed 1.21m
Height of intermediate fabric without roof 0.71m
Height of intermediate fabric with roof 0.90 m
Height from the ground ca. 0.31m

Shutters / doors

Large service door, net access size B × H 0.95 × 0.20 m
Opening of drawbar space B × H 0.19 × 0.47 m
Kitchen Door W x H 0.65m x 0.47m
Door width 0.53m


Empty weight * 538kg
Maximum allowable load capacity 212kg
Maximum permissible weight 750kg
* Empty weight is excl. cooler, gas stove and cushions

Sleeping and sitting

6 seats, convertible to a double bed L x W 2 x 1.62 m.
Sitting and dining area, incl. cushions Height 0.44m.
Tables, 2 pieces, Swordfish base W x L 0.54 x 0.46 m.
2 seats, also bed (above the kitchen) L x W 1.62 x 1.10 m.
Extra long bed extension (above the kitchen) W x L 0.35 x 0.70 m.
Total length of the bed above the kitchen (with extension) L x W 1.97 x 1.10 m.
Sitting area above the kitchen, incl. cushions Height 0.67 m.
Seat/sleeping foamcushions, SG40 Thickness 0.10 m.


Hanging cabinet above the kitchen side W x D x H 1.20 x 0.40 x 0.36 m.
Hanging cabinet above seat (optional) B x T x H 0.60 × 0.40 × 0.36 m.
2 interior shutters above the drawbar space W x L 0.21 x 0.56 m.
Inner shutter over gas cooker and radiator W x L 0.52 / 0.53 x 0.56 m.
Inner shutter over the sink W x L 0.25 x 0.46 m.
6 shutters under large sleeping area ca. 0.60 x 0.30 m.

Extendable Kitchen

Kitchen block can be pulled outwards Total length 1.60m.
Kitchen system ladder is locked in retracted position
Kitchen counter 0.63 x 1.61 m.
Kitchen unit Height 0.37 m.
Gas burner with four burners 3 kW burner
Mobicool compressor cooler Cools to -15 ° C
Water Pump 12V
Ground support for the kitchen 40 kg load capacity


Residual current device 30mA / fuse 16A / 230V
Inverter 20A / 230V
3 sockets 230V with a total of 6 USB ports
Interior lighting, 2 pieces, LED version
80W roof lift motors
Synchronous control roof 24V
1 x 12V Battery 50AH
Standard equipped with a trickle charger for the battery
LED lamp under the kitchen unit


Al-ko chassis, 1000 kg axle, completely galvanized
Ball pressure up to 60 kg
Drawbar and support wheel in luxury version>
Prepared for shock absorbers and anti-roll coupling (due to the legislation Germany 100 km/h)
Overrun brake
Torsion spring increases with pressure build-up
Tire size: 155-80 / 13
Quality brand tires


Polyester body (floor and side walls), roof and exterior walls
Floor plate height 3.2 cm; Sidewalls thickness 2.2 cm
UV-resistant coating, ISO MPG coating
3 service doors and an entrance door

Tent fabric

Ten-Cate year-round quality, water-repellent
Air permeable from inside to outside
Natural ventilation in all walls with mosquito nets
Opening of the cloth completely possible on the door side over the entire length
Front tent can be mounted with the iCamp closed at a height of 1.15 m
The front tent can be connected to the fabric part of the iCamp

Outdoor lighting

13-pin connector / 12V
Integrated reversing lights
Side marker orange

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