Folding comfort

Remote control for the roof

Once you arrive at the campsite, you can easily set up the iCamp because of its light weight. Then take the remote control and operate the roof electrically until you reach the headroom. The cabinets on the roof unfold and the iCamp is ready for use.

Afstandsbediening van de iCamp
Remote control for the roof of the iCamp

Flat and uneven terrain

The iCamp is so lightweight that you can put it by hand in the right place. You do not need a mover for this. If you still want a mover, we will inform you about the possibilities.
With the four corner supports you can level the iCamp. A spirit level is mounted on the drawbar. On a flat surface, the iCamp is usually brought a little faster in the horizontal than on uneven terrain. Once you have completed this process, you can use the remote control to power up the roof in just 28 seconds. Once the Ten Cate canvas is stretched, the lineup is complete.

Fine front canopy

With a front canopy you can extend the space significantly. The associated side walls offer additional protection and make the whereabouts even more pleasant. With a range of additional parts, you can then easily turn the canopy into a front tent. For instance with two separate parts for the front, a terrace rail and a floor slab. If you want to build the front canopy or tent, you can do this with the roof closed. For this, the cloth is pushed at waist level into the rail on the roof. When you start up the roof, the canvas is in the right place. With a few tent poles, you can now build the tent further and in no time you have it taut. The canopy/front tent and the mentioned parts are available as accessories.

Cooking inside or outside

The kitchen can be used both indoors and outdoors. For indoor use you only open the valve and can cook directly. You would rather cook outside? Open the hatch on the outside and pull out the kitchen. Do not use the kitchen unit until you have inserted the holder. The kitchen is now ready for use.

Practical cabinets

As soon as the roof starts up, spacious storage cabinets unfold in your iCamp. The cabinet above the kitchen is 1.15m long, 40cm deep and 36cm high and has 2 shelves. An additional storage cabinet about half the size, is available as an option and is located directly at the entrance of the iCamp, as well as a storage room for the awning. The cabinets are completely foldable and are very easy to use.


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