Camping comfort

Tasty cooking

A kitchen is included as standard. Equipped with a small sink, a tap with water pump, a cool box (Mobicool 40 liters) with compressor (down to -15 ° C) and a 4-burner gas appliance. Thanks to its strong burner, you can easily prepare a complete meal. The extendable kitchen in the iCamp allows you to cook outside. Ideal if you want to prevent heat build-up in the caravan. Under the kitchen there is an LED ambient light that provides enough light to comfortably drink a good wine on a sultry summer evening.

Lots of storage space

When the kitchen is pulled out, a large storage space is created at the place where the kitchen was located in the iCamp. Here you can store a lot of things. Make sure you remove these things when you push the kitchen back at the end of your holiday. At the front, there is the drawbar bin, which can be reached via two hatches in the iCamp. In addition, there is a service hatch on the outside to get into the drawbar. Optionally, a tiller valve can be mounted on the other side. With the extra wide service flap you can store a camping table and camping chairs in the storage room from the outside. Often the table and chairs are packed on top of the bed, which is not necessary with the iCamp.

Comfortable beds

There are two sleeping areas. The large double bed of 1.62 x 2.0m is built in length. This allows you to reach and leave the bed comfortably from the foot without having to disturb your partner. The second bed is max. 1.97 x 1.10m tall. The extra length is made possible by the flexible tent fabric. One adult and one child or two children will find plenty of space here.

Table and bed

The two tables are a product of Zwaardvis, a well-known yacht building company. You remove the table tops with one click, these then serve as part of the bed. Insert the two supplied cushion on it and the bed is ready.

Summer breeze

The iCamp has many ventilation options. The Ten Cate tent fabric between the roof and the body can be completely sealed. The entire entrance side can be opened completely and rolled up to the roof. This creates a pleasant, open space for the awning or the canopy. At night, you can close the entire area with a mosquito net. On the other hand, you can also roll up the window and only lower the mosquito net. Nice and airy when it’s hot.

Cup of tea?

The iCamp has three sockets with two USB ports each. There are six USB ports in total. There you can conveniently charge your tablet and phone and keep the sockets free, for example, to turn on the kettle.

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